The Concept, Rules and Strategies of Blackjack Casino Game

Blackjack casino game is considered today to be one of the most popular card games to play both in land-based casinos and online. Originated from Vingt-et-un (France), blackjack moved to America in the 19th century and captured the attention of all gamblers at once. Being rather easy though exciting to play, blackjack casino game began its development thanks to its crazy admirers who were ready to create new strategies to play this game and its new variations in order to have more chances for playing blackjack.

So, what is blackjack? Why does it have such a name? When has it appeared? How is it played? What strategies are used for beating it? All these questions are important and basic to know for every new comer who decided to try playing the most popular casino game in the world.


According to blackjack history, this game appeared in the 18th century in France where it was called to be Vingt-et-un. The concept of the game was the same with modern blackjack - to get and not exceed 21 points - but the rules differed a bit. A dealer had more options to choose from and, as a result, more chances to win.

Another version of blackjack's appearance can be found in Italy where gamblers played the game Seven and a Half. The Spanish game One and Thirty also pretends to be called the ancestor of modern blackjack though the concept of the game was a little bit different.

So, as we can see, the definite origins of blackjack are still unknown. Anyway, the fact is that blackjack came to America from France in the 18th century and became popular there.

Name and Rules

Have you ever thought about the reasons why blackjack has such a name? It is very interesting indeed. As far as we know, the blackjack concept is to get 21 points and beat a casino dealer in this way. The combination of 2 cards is called being Blackjack and these cards are Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades: it was Jack of Spades who gave blackjack its name actually.

Blackjack rules can not be called very difficult because the main thing is to remember all options a player and a dealer may use. Do not forget also about card values, tips, odds and strategies: blackjack is not the game of chance but skills, so it would not be out of place to use special systems during a play.

Card Counting

Card counting is the main and most widely used blackjack strategy which really works and helps gamblers to beat this game if they know this strategy perfectly of course. First, this strategy was invented and represented in 1956 by Roger Baldwin and his helpers but it was described not in the best way for understanding. In 1962 Edward Oakley Thorp had changed the situation and published his book Beat the Dealer where he represented blackjack card counting system in a way understandable for every reader.

Card counting strategy was considered to be the method of blackjack cheating first and it was prohibited to use in casinos. But the person whose name was Ken Uston has changed the situation soon: he had won the case against Atlantic casinos for the right of gamblers to use card counting during blackjack game because there were no devices except a player's brain used for this technique.

Entertainment Movies

Although blackjack is a very complicated game, it is often presented in the entertaining movies. Read to know what films deserves your attention!



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