Blackjack Concept: Where and When It Appeared; What Its Goal is

How do you think: what is the most important thing for a player to know about blackjack game? Probably, your answer will be blackjack rules or main blackjack strategies. But the answer is even easier: the concept of blackjack is not always understandable for many players and they gamble it without practical acknowledgement of the game's object actually.

Where and when

Blackjack had appeared in the 18th century in France and its main rules gave more chances for a casino dealer to win though the concept of the game remained the same with modern blackjack. Playing blackjack and introducing it to Americans, the French knew exactly what the main point of the game was - never exceed 21 points because you will lose at once.

Thanks to Jack of Spades, blackjack has got its name: this card was the key one and together with Ace of Spades it determined a winner! The winning combination was Jack + Ace = Blackjack.

The common mistake

Almost all blackjack new comers are sure that their main goal in the game is to get points as closer to 21 as possible but it is not actually true. Your main goal is TO BEAT A DEALER!! Even if you sit at blackjack table together with other gamblers, do not think about them because you play with a casino dealer, not with them.

So, never think about what cards your neighbors at blackjack table have!!!

But remember also that 21 is the maximum number of points you can get during a game, otherwise it will be BUST and you will automatically lose.

Rules to avoid

Blackjack casino game has its own set of rules which are used in all casinos: according to these blackjack rules, every card of a deck has its own value, certain options are available both for a player and a dealer, definite payouts are given after the game is finished, a separate table is used for blackjack game, definite blackjack variations have their own rules etc.

But sometimes casinos prefer to change basic rules of the game somehow in order to give gamblers less chances to beat blackjack. Your main task is to determine these rules at once and forget about playing at this table because of risk to lose very soon.

What are these rules?

1. It is possible to double down only when you have 10 or 11 points

2. It is possible for a dealer to hit when s/he has soft 17

3. Blackjack is played only by 8 decks of cards

4. Blackjack game is paid as 6:5

5. Blackjack may pay even money too

Entertainment Movies

Although blackjack is a very complicated game, it is often presented in the entertaining movies. Read to know what films deserves your attention!



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