Celebrity Blackjack Tournament Movie

Yes, men, Celebrity Blackjack completely differs from King of Vegas or other tournaments of this kind. Its goal was charity, and its organizer was GSN (Game Show Network - a cable television company). The audience was able to watch two seasons of this blackjack tournament and enjoy not only the game of blackjack itself but also the faces of favorite TV stars.

As well as World Series of Blackjack, Celebrity Blackjack introduced its first season on TV in 2004. Matt Vasgersian and Alex Borstein were the hosts of the show (not at the same time), and the role of a dealer was played by Hollywood Dave Stann - a well-known blackjack and poker player.

The Format

Celebrity Blackjack is a charity tournament: the winner will get nothing except the right to be called a champion of the tournament. All bets the participants make are given as donations.

25 celebrities usually take part in this blackjack tournament, and its format reminds the one of WSOB: the winners of rounds meet at semi-finals and a final afterwards. 5 celebrities sit at one blackjack table and play 21 hands. The bets they make are the following ones:

  • 1-10 hands: the minimum bet is $1 000 and the maximum bet is $25 000.
  • 11 - 20 hands: the minimum bet is $5 000 and no limits were for a maximum bet.
  • 21th hand - a secret bet: players do not tell the amount of money they are ready to bet at the very end of the tournament.

Interesting Facts

1. Expert commentators are always present at Celebrity Blackjack: they share their thoughts about what happens at blackjack tables and which bets and moves the participants make.

2. The rule of Five Card Charlie works at Celebrity Blackjack: if a player has 5 cards which give him/her 21 points, this participant will be announced as a winner at once.

3. Celebrity Blackjack is played with a deck of 54 cards: Jokers are also present in a deck and a player is welcome to replace a Joker with any card (but this card should be at the table and it should not be a played one).


  • The winner of the first season - Caroline Rhea ($100 000 was donated).
  • The winner of the second season - Jason Alexander ($300 000 was donated).

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