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This movie is described as an American comedy and drama which was produced in 1982: Jinxed! tells the story of a young blackjack dealer Willie who has to travel with one married couple and falls in love with this married woman. The feelings appear to be mutual, and the only one problem left for lovers now is the husband.


Year: 1982

Director: Don Siegel

Cast: Bette Midler, Ken Wahl, Rip Torn, Val Avery and others


Harold (Rip Torn) is a professional gambler. He travels with his wife Bonita (Bette Milder) through the USA, and they are accompanied by a young blackjack dealer whose name is Willie (actually, they follow Willie because Harold can not lose to Willie as he has a jinx on him). After losing for Harold, Willie was fired of all casinos in Reno.

But the things appeared to be that Harold's wife Bonita, who is a lounge-singer, and Willie fall in love with each other! And now their plan is to do something with Harold in order to take his life insurance.

It should be said that Jinxed! was not a successful film: as opposed to such great movies as Croupier or License to Kill, Jinxed! did not receive any awards or even nominations. The director of the movie, Don Siegel, suffered a heart attack during its production; and Bette Milder was blamed to spoil the movie with her bad acting.

Moreover, the well-known fact is that two main actors of the film - Bette Midler and Ken Wahl - did not like each other and always fought throughout the shootings. Even Don Siegel, the director of Jinxed!, told it was not very pleasant to work with this actress because of her awful character. The shootings of the film took place in Reno (Nevada) and Lake Tahoe.

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