King of Vegas: Blackjack Tournament Movie

As well as Ultimate Blackjack Tour, the tournament with the name of King of Vegas had been televised in 2006. It was Spike TV which represented this show, and it became very popular at once thanks to its unusual format. According to the rules, participants should play not only blackjack but also 7 other casino games; so, it is quite interesting to observe how professional blackjack gamblers try to win not only the game they know perfectly but also the games they had no idea about before.

The hosts of King of Vegas were Max Kellerman and Wayne Allen Root. The audience had a chance to watch only one season of this interesting tournament the winner of which was Alan Borman.


12 people took part in King of Vegas and they were carefully selected by organizers of this show. The half of participants was professional gamblers, and the other half - people who never played gambling games professionally before. 10 weeks were given to them, and every week one of them left the show. The participants of King of Vegas were:

  • Katie Porrello - a card dealer
  • Brandon Newsome - a graduate
  • Todd Haushalter - a casino administrator
  • Steve Dempsey - a plumber
  • Jerry Goldberg - a retiree
  • Alan Borman - a TV producer
  • David Williams - a poker player
  • Hollywood Dave Stann - a poker and blackjack player
  • Mike Matusow - a poker player
  • Ken Einiger - a blackjack player

Games and prize

As far as we already know, the participants of King of Vegas had to play not only blackjack but also other games:

Roulette, craps, mini-baccarat, horse racing, red dog, Caribbean poker and Pai Gow poker.

Every week they played 4 particular games and every week one of them left a tournament. Alan Borman was the last participant to stand there: he proved the fact it was not obligatory to be an experienced gambler in order to win. By the way, the final prize for King of Vegas was $1 million!

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