License to Kill: James Bond Plays Blackjack Here

Tagline: "His bad side is a dangerous place to be"

License to Kill is one of James Bond movies which was produced in 1989 and was not based on Ian Fleming's novel about Agent 007. This was the 16th film about the famous British agent, and it was called to be more violent than other movies about Bond. License to Kill is a rather controversial film though critics had only positive responses concerning this movie.

The role of James Bond here was played by Timothy Dalton, and it appeared to be the last leading role of this talented actor.

Speaking about blackjack casino game, James Bond shows himself as a gambler in this film: he enters the game of blackjack at the drug baron's casino for $250 000. The audience is able to notice how the movie's atmosphere can change when a dealer shuffles cards for the blackjack game and deals them…

License to Kill can be deservedly called to be one of the best entertaining blackjack movies.


Year: 1989

Director: John Glen

Cast: Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell, Robert Davi, Talisa Soto, David Hedison and others


License to Kill is believed to be darker than other movies about Agent 007. This movie shows Bond as a person who looks for revenge: his good friend is almost killed by a drug baron whose name is Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi), and James Bond begins to look for him.

This drug lord is a big problem for everyone, and MI6 give Bond the license to kill: now Agent 007 is even more dangerous than he was before. The matter is that Sanchez and his people not only tortured Bond's friend but they also killed his young wife Della (James was the best man at their wedding). So, nothing can stop Agent 007 and he will not sleep until he finds everyone responsible for his friends' suffering.

Awards: License to Kill has got one nomination:

  • 1990 - Best Motion Picture (Edgar Allan Poe Awards)

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