Live from Las Vegas: Blackjack

This is one more interesting blackjack guide produced in 2003 by The Players Network which lets everyone to plunge into the world of the most popular casino game in the world. Live from Las Vegas: Blackjack is a good chance for all new comers to discover the game of blackjack for themselves because all its main aspects are explained here in a rather exciting and understandable way for gamblers of different levels of skills.


The year of release: 2003

Run Time: 35 minutes

The host of Live from Las Vegas: Blackjack is Barney Vinson, an expert of The Players Network. He is the one who explains blackjack for everyone.

This blackjack guide is divided into 4 chapters:

1. Basic rules

2. Proven Strategies from Simple to Advanced

3. How and When to Make the Best Bet

4. Interactive Useful Tips

Well, as you can see, this film includes the information which is quite enough for a gambler to understand blackjack if s/he learns and remembers all aspects described and explained here.

Moreover, this video tutorial gives you an opportunity to check how you have understood and remembered all the information given: the chapter "Recap Quiz" will help you a lot with that.

This instructional video will be useful not only for new comers but also for those gamblers who know the basics of blackjack already: Live from Las Vegas: Blackjack includes also advanced blackjack strategy for those ones who want to improve their skills much.

Certainly, you may think that 35 minutes are not enough to explain all terms and options of blackjack casino game, but it is not actually true: it is not difficult to explain everything if you are a professional. The main problem for you as a new comer is to understand and remember everything. You are welcome to try watching also such a blackjack guide as 60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack for example. Anyway, it is better to check everything in order to choose the best, is not it?

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