Stars Know How to Gamble

A lot of famous stars and athletes today are also among the casino high rollers. These are Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather Jr., John Daly, Charles Barkley and many others. These famous personalities are some of the biggest names in casinos globally as well. Who would think that the world’s biggest paid professionals in sports are also some of the best gamblers today? A lot of stars in sports are also passionate in playing roulette, blackjack, craps, slots and other famous casino games. No matter if it’s in Las Vegas or online they like to gamble to have a good time and to be entertained as well.  There are some stars are always seen in Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and Singapore which are some of the best places for gambling.

High Roller Players

With reputation as the highest paid player in NBA and being tagged the number one basketball player of his time, Michael Jordan is nothing but a big winner. He is not just competitive in basketball but he is also an intense golf player and a strong player in poker too. Jordan has an infinite inclination with Vegas because of the casinos there. His skill in sports is considered matchless because his four hundred thousand dollars bet in casino particularly at Wynn Hotel in Vegas was not capable to be repaid for.

Tiger Woods and John Daly are just 2 of the best players in golf and they have momentous success in their careers as golf superstars, but their love is not just for golf but for gambling as well. They are often seen at casinos too in fact, John Daly have lost more than fifty million dollars to around sixty million dollars in casino games. He cannot forget his habit of playing casino and how much losses he got.

Tiger Woods is also a casino fanatic. He considers himself as a blackjack player as well not just a golfer. His carelessness and issues in life were set aside while he is playing at MGM Grand in Vegas where he often play twenty five million dollars bet.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is another famous star in boxing yet he considers himself as a casino, Vegas fan. He is known as a world class boxer but he is also known for sending his opponents to canvas that he is as well for casino. He is also a big name in sports betting as well. Actually, he posted lots of messages in his twitter account about his one hundred dollars spent on sports betting alone. 

Famous stars are not just inside their shell because most of them are now commonly seen in famous casinos in Vegas and in other parts of the world. Most of them consider themselves as high roller/ VIP players because of the amount of money that they are spending for a particular game. Most of them are into casino playing as an outlet of their stress and hang ups in life and to keep them entertained as well after a hard day.

Entertainment Movies

Although blackjack is a very complicated game, it is often presented in the entertaining movies. Read to know what films deserves your attention!



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