The Hot Shoe - Documentary Film about Blackjack Card Counting

"If you want to know the real story, if you want to learn how to count cards, or if you just want to watch a fun adventure I think you will enjoy "The Hot Shoe."

~David Layton.

Not many good movies are possible to find where all aspects and different sides of blackjack card counting strategy would be completely described. Over 50 years this technique is used by blackjack gamblers; moreover, it really works and it is not very difficult at all though some secrets are present of course. The Hot Shoe is a documentary film directed by David Layton which reveals all the secrets of blackjack casino game and card counting technique in particular.

What will you find inside?

Year of release: 2003

Run time: 95 minutes

David Layton does not tell you about card counting himself: blackjack experts do that instead of him. Here you will find the interviews of such blackjack gurus as:

  • Stanford Wong (an author of the book Professional Blackjack)
  • Edward Thorp (an author of the book Beat the Dealer)
  • Arnold Snyder (a professional blackjack player and author)
  • Ian Andersen (a card counter)
  • Tommy Hyland (a card counter)
  • Nelson Rose (an authority on gambling issues)
  • Peter Grifin (an author of the book The Theory of Blackjack)
  • Bill Zender (a casino manager)

The Hot Shoe can boast not only with these famous names. If you decide to watch this movie you will be able to observe the following:

1. The methods which are used by casinos for identifying card counters.

2. The MIT team members who play blackjack in casinos.

3. Interviews with casino managers, detectives, attorneys, publishers and famous players.

4. David Layton learning card counting and playing blackjack in Las Vegas afterwards.

The Hot Shoe is available on DVD now, and every person who is interested in blackjack card counting can easily find and buy this wonderful documentary film.

This movie is both informative and entertaining; it is very exciting to watch and learn something new about something you did not know before.

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