The Ultimate Blackjack Tour Movie

Ultimate Blackjack Tour is a televised version of a blackjack tournament called to be Elimination Blackjack. It had its debut on television in 2006 and today we were able to watch two seasons of this exciting show where every blackjack and poker gambler had a chance to show him/herself and win the main prize.

The hosts of this blackjack tournament are Max Rubin and Mati Moralejo. As it was the series of elimination tournament, the winner of each weekly tournament took part in Tournament of Champions.

The Format

Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) differs a bit from other blackjack tournaments, World Series of Blackjack for example: every player is welcome to take part in UBT, and this tournament even invites some poker players to check their skills and luck. Everything you should do is to pay the entry fee or win a satellite tournament.

Usually, UBT consists of 8 weekly tournaments, and their winners meet at the Tournament of Champions afterwards. While watching you can also read video poker articles and gain knowledge in other popular online casino games. Actually, this TV show was a little bit boring to watch until the time some specific rules had been added to UBT for increasing the audience's interest:

  • The audience is able to see a dealer's hole card to know in advance the situation at the table.
  • Each participant has a right to use a such-called "secret bet" once when it is needed.
  • Every 8th, 16th and 25th round determines a participant who will be eliminated from the tournament. It will be a player with the lowest chip count.

Prizes and winners

Many famous blackjack players took part in UBT: Mike Aponte, Stanford Wong, James Grosjean, Ken Smith, David Matthews, Monica Reeves and others. The first season of the tournaments gave all participants a chance to win $1 million!! Ultimate Blackjack Tour takes place not only in Las Vegas but also Paris, Atlantic City and Aruba; so, the chances to participate (or just watch and enjoy) this tournament are rather big. As for the winners of UTB, we can speak about 2 people here because there are only two seasons of the show at the moment:

  • The winner of the 1st season - Ken Einiger
  • The winner of the 2nd season - Phil Hellmuth

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