Winning Strategies: Blackjack (1997)

The following educational blackjack movie was based on gambling guides of the American bestselling author - Frank Scoblete. If you are a blackjack player or a person who is just interested in this game, you definitely know this name. So, Winning Strategies: Blackjack is hosted by James Coburn where he personally sits at blackjack table and gives his explanations of every situation which can happen with a blackjack gambler in casino.

Frank Scoblete

Every gambler, not only a blackjack one, knows the name of Frank Scoblete (King of Scobe) - a bestselling gambling author of more than 20 books. Though his favorite casino game was always craps, he examined other games too. All his books became bestsellers and were positively accepted by all critics: he perfectly explained and developed different gambling strategy, including blackjack card counting.

Today, Mr. Scoblete writes not only books but also various articles to gambling magazines and websites; he is the author of some documentaries; he produces DVDs and videotapes… He considers gambling to be not only his style of life but also business, and today he is deservedly called to be the guru of blackjack.

So, if you decide to buy Winning Strategies: Blackjack written by Frank Scoblete, be sure that you will get exactly what you needed.

What is inside?

Year of release: 1997

Run time: 50 minutes

First of all, it is very exciting to watch this video because the action takes place in a real casino. The host sits at the blackjack table and explains the game:

  • Moments which can be dangerous for a player during a game
  • Results which are needed to achieve when you play blackjack
  • How to get the edge
  • How to have fun at the blackjack table
  • Basic rules of blackjack
  • Basic strategy of blackjack

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