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World Series of Blackjack (WSOB) is a televised version of the world-popular blackjack tournament which first saw the light in 2004. Four seasons of WSOB exist today, and this tournament had been created and produced by GSN (Game Show Network - a cable television company). This tournament was very interesting for the audience to observe thanks to its a little bit intriguing plot.

Matt Vasgersian and Max Rubin were the hosts of first two seasons of WSOB; after that the new hosts had come: John Fugelsang and Ben Mezrich were not only hosts but also commentators of everything that happened during a tournament.

The Format

Usually, 25-40 players take part in one season of WSOB. It should be said that this blackjack tournament is a closed one (only invited gamblers are welcome to participate there. Some of them are new comers, but professional and experienced players often take part in World Series of Blackjack too). The season consists of the following parts:

  • Eight rounds (1 hour each)
  • 2 semi-finals
  • 2 wild card events
  • 1 final

As a rule, 5 players take part in one round. Each of them starts with $100 000 chips and s/he should be able to make the minimum bet of the round. Usually, the minimum bet is $1 000 and the maximum bet is $50 000. If a participant can not support his/her bet s/he will be eliminated from the tournament.

Prizes and winners

The main prize of the tournament changed from one season to another. Thus, the first season of WSOB had $100 000 for a winner; the winner of the second season has received $250 000; $500 000 waited for the WSOB winner of the season number three; finally, the winner of the fourth season had a chance to get $1 000 000. Impressive, is not it? No surprise that many professional gamblers were ready to struggle for such money and show their knowledge and skill to everyone.

The names of WSOB winners are widely known today: they have proved to be real blackjack professionals.

Who are they?

1. The winner of the 1st season - MIT Mike (the member of the MIT blackjack team who used card counting for playing blackjack)

2. The winner of the 2nd season - Ken Einiger

3. The winner of the 3rd season - Jeff Bernstein

4. The winner of the 4th season - Alice Walker

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