Play to Win: Blackjack (1999)

It is always better to watch blackjack before going to a casino and playing it at the table; that is why various educational blackjack movies are so popular among new comers today. One of such movies is Play to Win: Blackjack which had been produced in 1999 but was useful for gamblers during all these years.

The known fact is that blackjack is a game of skills, not the game of luck: so, the more you know the game - the better gambler you are. Such the purpose of Play to Win: Blackjack is - to give you the basic idea about the game of blackjack for you to be able to play it at live casinos and be confident in doing this.

Look inside

So, you have decided to buy Play to Win: Blackjack in order to become a good blackjack player. What aspects of blackjack will you find inside?

  • Blackjack rules
  • Money management
  • Attitude to have in order to win
  • Hitting
  • Standing
  • Doubling down
  • Surrendering
  • Insurance
  • Splitting pairs

Play to Win: Blackjack explains you a strategy which is better to use for a multi-deck blackjack; if you want to discover the basic strategy both for single deck blackjack and multi-deck blackjack, then the better tutorial for you here will be the DVD blackjack course of James Colburn - Winning Strategies: Blackjack which is based on the gambling guides of Frank Scoblete, a bestselling gambling author and expert.

Play to Win: Blackjack will not take much time from you: run time of this video course is 40 minutes though it will not be enough for you to become a blackjack professional of course. Practice and complete understanding are needed, so, probably, you will have to come back to this course again and again till the time you will understand and remember all blackjack aspects perfectly.

Entertainment Movies

Although blackjack is a very complicated game, it is often presented in the entertaining movies. Read to know what films deserves your attention!



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